2023 Summer Challenge!

June 12 through September 4

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We are going to double down on the fundamentals and make progress on our body composition goals. It is a simple process. Simple, but not easy.

The fact is, we all have a general idea of what we need to do. What we lack is the why we need to do it and action. This summer challenge is all about action.

What Makes The Program Different?

Glad you asked. As noted above, we are going to focus on action. You will not be handed a plan and guidelines and left to choose your own adventure. Once payment is received, you will have instant access to:

✅A ‘pre-season’ set of fundamental videos. Professional athletes gear up before the games begin. So will we. When the first day arrives, we will be completely ready.

✅A general guidelines information page. This will help kickstart the adventure and give you a clear picture of your starting point.

✅A dedication and laser focus on helping each of us be better than we were yesterday. Our only competition is ourselves.

✅Email access for any questions you may have before the start date.

✅Encouragement all along the way.

✅Little nuggets of info to inspire and help make this journey as smooth as possible.

One thing that must be stressed up front:

This is not a diet!

This is a lifestyle. No foods are off limits, none of the all too familiar “eat only this and never that.” We will work together to set targets and behaviors that will help you get to your goal. Based on those targets, you will see what an “ideal” day would look like.

Preaching what I practice

  • I have been there. I know the struggle.
  • The frustration of yo-yo dieting for years.
  • No energy.
  • Joints inflamed and miserable daily.
  • Brain fog that seemed to last an eternity.

I (and several others) will be in this battle with you daily. Living the values and virtues proclaimed within.

One Day, or Day One?

The choice is yours. Imagine with me for a minute. You change nothing and continue as is. What will your health look like in five years? Ten? Twenty?

Now, imagine you take action. You make simple changes in a sustainable manner and you improve your body composition by a fraction each and every week. How does that outlook change? How much better will you be able to show up for your family, friends, work and community?

We believe everyone deserves the gift of wellness,

so we offer a pay what you can model. No matter how much you pay, you’ll get the same information and service as everyone else.

We also believe in giving back

Every challenge will have 10% of its participants finish for free. Once the course is completed, randomized drawing will choose whom gets a full refund as cash or the choice to gift a program to some one.

Want to provide as a gift?

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All in. 100% Committed. Let’s GO!

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