Getting Started


For twelve weeks we are going to focus hard and double down on nutrition and fat destruction.  Know that 80% of weight loss is from what you eat and drink. In most cases, exercise is just a bonus for fat loss. However, we will be talking about gaining some lean muscle mass frequently and all the benefits that come with it.

Now, let’s talk about some guidelines and a few more things we are going to set our gaze on.

General Guidelines

These are just some general things to keep in mind while you are working toward your goal. The process works if you work it. Focus on nutrition and water first and foremost. Exercise will come along later.

Our main goal with the exercise is not necessarily calorie burn, but rather to build lean muscle mass. You will not get bulky, just tone. The lean muscle mass will give you a boost in several ways. First, for our purposes, lean muscle burns extra calories just sitting there. While sleeping. Chilling like a villain for a Netflix marathon. Floating down the river. Lean muscle is like the best friend you always knew you could have, helping you achieve your goals just a little faster.

Here are the general guidelines we will try to follow as close as possible:

  1. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We will measure everything. Liquid in measuring cups or spoons and everything else with a food scale. One thing to note-always make sure your scales are on the correct settings. Ounces is close enough, but if you really want to dial it in you may decide to take everything down to the gram.
  2. Nutrition, water, and sleep are most important. These are responsible for 75-80% of your weight loss. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. 
  3. Eat all your meals. Every bite. It may be hard at first, especially if you are not accustomed to nutrient dense food. Do the best you can, but try to complete all meals each day by the end of the first week.
  4. Water intake: start your day off with 8-16oz straight out of bed. You are probably close to 3% dehydrated when you wake up and need that boost to start the day right. A glass or bottle of water before each meal will also help you feel more full as well as keep you hydrated.
  5. When exercise becomes part of the routine, focus on quality over quantity. Great form, slow and controlled for a small number of reps is much better for results than haphazard “get it done” modality. Did we mention that you can’t out exercise a bad diet?
  6. Record your starting point. I want you to take front, back, and each side pictures. Workout clothes or swimwear. For front and back pictures, arms straight out so you form a “T” with palms forward. Side pictures with arms straight in front of you and hands palm to palm. Also measure your upper arms, thighs, neck, bust, waist and hips. Send that data and we will create some nice little charts to look at as you progress. There will come a time when the scale might not move much, but those visuals and measurements will change.
  7. One last thing-you can’t out exercise a bad diet. (Stick around and you will hear my story and why I hammer on this so hard 😅)

That is it. Pretty simple and straight forward.  Additional details will be in other post/videos, but this is the kickoff point. Let’s get to work.

For those of you that still enjoy pen and paper, check out these printable trackers to help you stay on the right path and watch your results show up and show off 😁.

Weight Tracker

Weekly Water Tracker

Measurements Tracker