Tools for a healthy lifestyle

Proper tools. A necessity for any job we tackle. Below are some that have saved me days of time over the years. Selecting a picture below will take you to an Amazon page for that product. If you choose to purchase, I will receive a small commission. Baby needs shoes.

Meal Prep 

Meal prep is one of the best ways you can set yourself up for success. That being said, we all lead busy lives. Below are a few products I use religiously to help me stay ahead of the game.

Slow cooker:

Perfect for set it and forget it. Chicken is especially easy to cook a weeks worth of lunches in a few hours.


Egg Cooker

I start everyday with egg whites, and some days a whole egg. Here is another push a button and let the magic happen option. The hard boiled egg cooker will have eggs cooked to perfection in 12 minutes or less without you needing to standing near a stove.

Pressure Cooker

For those times when a slow cooker won’t do and you need a meal quick to prevent a fast food emergency. This handy device will cook most any meat in under half an hour and leave it tender.

Air Fryer

Another awesome device that I would not want to be without ever again. Don’t make the mistake I made to start with and just toss food in and set it. In order to get that crispy and delicious “fried” effect, be sure to use a healthy oil (liquid or spray) to coat the outside. You will not be disappointed. Below the Fryer pic, check out a pic of a chicken cooked at home 🤌🏻👌🏻



You will need a functional blender to make some shakes/smoothies for your journey. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just needs to be able to mix/chop a little.

Shaker Bottle

I have been at this over a decade and have tried about every gizmo and cup out there to mix protein powder for snack. Nothing comes even close to this one. Easy to clean (no screens, springs, balls, etc.) and it flat out mixes better than anything else I have found.


All you really need to have available is a solid floor and a sturdy wall to get an effective and efficient workout at home. There are a few items you can grab that will help you target train without breaking the bank if you choose.

Exercise/Swiss Ball

You can get a full body workout with just this ball. Adding it to your resistance training routine will also build and improve your stabilizer muscles and thus reduce the risk of strains/sprains during your workouts as well as everyday life.

Resistance Bands

These can be found at Dollar General, Walmart and most any mom and pop general store. You can make any of them work, but for comfort sake I prefer the cloth covered variety.  Below are links to both.

Kettle Bell

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment, you can have entire workout routines with nothing but this gem in your arsenal. A couple different sizes are all you need to really make drastic changes.

Exercise Mat

This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Pick a mat that you can be comfortable on while doing floor work, or if you can dedicated a space consider buying the floor mat squares that interlock.


Last, but certainly not least, a quality set of dumbbells are a great asset to have available. A set of different sizes within your strength range, or a set that is adjustable if you are tight on space. Again, between these, a flat surface and the exercise ball you can literally build any body style you want.



There you have it. This page is updated with new info as I find and use what I consider to be “must have” items for my journey. Check back often, and please let me know if you have something not on this list! Ninety percent of the products on this page were recommended by folks like you.