The Journey Begins


I am so thrilled you are here!

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I have a couple options available currently to help you move closer to your goals. Please choose one of the options below, complete the required information and sit back and get ready to make massive progress on your body composition/personal goals!

12 Week Meal Plan: $129.00


Includes all of the following:

✅ Custom recommendations based on your specific metrics and goals

✅ 12 week meal plan-we will set targets and present ideas on what an awesome day looks like. This is not a “only eat this/never eat that” plan.

✅ Access to a phenomenal macro tracking app-Cronometer. Free for the 12 weeks. You can continue using after free (ad supported) or pay the monthly/yearly fee.

✅ Accountability-frequent check-ins to assist you in staying on the right track.

✅ A free adjustment every fourth week if needed.

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The Extreme Team-300 Day Transformation Program

Includes all of the following:

✅ Everything mentioned in the meal plan package above (Chronometer access will last for the entire 300 days)

✅ Private community for members to cheer each other on and share recipes/ideas.

✅ Short daily audio clips to provide instruction and inspiration

✅ More in-depth videos covering specific topics and strategies based on personal goals

✅ Monthly live call to ask questions and provide feedback.

✅ An in-person celebration at the end where you will gain a certificate of completion as well as prizes and free food (nutritious of course 😉)

You will get instance access to videos on mindset, nutrition, and movement. Future additions will include sleep strategies (most underrated tool in the weight management arsenal) as well as videos for specific exercise goals

Space is limited

Due to the intensity and effort in this program, I am limiting space. Only 50 participants will be allowed into this first cohort. Spots will fill on a first come/first served basis.

In the future, this program will cost $997

This first round, I am lowering this price to $297. For less than one dollar a day, you will change your body composition (and many other aspects of your life) in a way that will allow you to maintain and get off of the rollercoaster dieting routine.

Before you spend your money, let’s clarify whom this program is not for:

❌ Expecting easy, quick or effortless results

❌ Unwilling to dedicate a small amount of time (usually around 20-30 minutes a day max, and an hour each weekend)

❌ Unwilling to communicate often as possible (either directly with me or with the group in the community).

❌ Not willing to make this program a priority. It is not selfish to put yourself first-you cannot pour from an empty cup.

If you are ready to see lasting results, please choose your payment option below. You will instantly receive the following to allow you to immediately start making progress:

  1. Access to the Fundamentals video series.
  2. Access to the Chronometer overview video series.
  3. Access to the private community for this group
  4. A questionnaire to get information needed to create your plan.

Within a few days you will receive:

  1. A detailed overview of your specific macro targets
  2. An outline of what an ideal day would look like
  3. A list of the many options you have at your disposal to keep you on track to hit your targets
  4. Access to the Chronometer app that has your specific targets loaded in and ready for you.

You will instantly receive the items mentioned above, official launch for Cohort 1 will be January 8, 2024. Last day to sign up will be December 31, 2023.

If you would like to gift this program, just check the gift box during checkout (shown below)

 Payment option 1: $297 immediately

Payment option 2: 4 easy payments of $75 each ($300 total, to cover processing fees.)